WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-18, 16:22)da-anda Wrote: inverting is working fine for me on windows, any more details on your setup and test video?

And personally I don't think that we should turn on stereo mode if one is changing that setting, could also be by accident and then he's "trapped" in stereoscopic mode. As this setting is persisted, it's only a one-time thing for each movie anyways and should also only be necessary on rare occasions, and in those it's really not that complicated to jump to the 3D button in VideoOSD and toggle stereo mode manually.

Tested again. Inverting works, but if I change the stereo mode of the movie a few times, the playback halts. I can stop the playback and open another movie but the display is blank. Might be some problem with my test laptop having intel gpu. Didn't test it in my htpc. I think this probelm is random also.

I am not bothered about autoswitching of gui as all my 3d movies are properly tagged, but a layman may find it difficult why the gui is not switched even after selecting a 3d mode. Yes he can then select the stereo mode from the 3D osd menu but that is three clicks.

(2013-06-18, 22:31)frunderhill Wrote: Just wanted to report back in, got it compiled and installed. Slicker than snot on a doorknob! Loving the 3d subs. None of my videos are autodetecting, but I know I saw a post a while back showing how to edit the mkv header, so I'll check that out and report back.

Thanks for this, really makes a big difference.

There are two options to make the autoswitch work
1. Name the files to include the 3D keywords like HSBS, HTAB etc.
2. Edit the mkv header to specify the 3D mode. This is useful as you don't have to rename all the files and rescan again. It is also useful if the eyes are swapped as xbmc will automatically invert the frames. But this supports only mkv files.

Slightly OT - Yesterday, I tested a movie from the usb port of my Sony 3DTV for the first time since I bought it and to my surprise it automatically detected the movie to be stereo and switched to 3D mode. The movie was a half sbs mp4 clip as mkv is not supported. So it has no detection tags. I wonder how the TV recognized the movie to be stereo? Resolution? Can we incorporate this in xbmc so that we don't need to specify any type of 3d tags?

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