WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-07-04, 22:03)giaur Wrote:
(2013-07-04, 19:40)macnb Wrote: I can live with that one button press, as long as the player plays the MVC-3D coded video.
It has already been a long wait so not holding my breadth. Shame.

Please don't overreact and don't say "shame". First, I'm pretty sure that most 3d movies watched by people are 3d mkvs, not mvc-3d (ok, maybe not your case, but anyway - it's true). Second - most important feature is to correctly display gui, subtitles and handle zoom correctly in 3d mode. This is what normal xbmc version can't do, so watching 3d movies is a pain. Youe should not expect xbmc to have all features, that not every commercial and paid application have.

You can convert 3d->2d, 3d->anaglyph, 3d->interlaced and you can comfortably watch most popuplar 3d movie formats. I don't think "shame" is good definition here. If you mean that no mvc-3d support makes all things useless, I disagree.
Sorry "Shame" on it's own is wrong. I did not mean to disrespect or shame the developers - far from it. What I meant was that it's a shame that other players (TMT, Powerdvd, Bino, etc,) are capable of playing full 3D but not yet ffmpeg.
No I am not saying XBMC is useless without it but would complete the feature-set of a modern media centre.

Ability to play MVC-3D in XBMC would be a game changer.

Regarding MKV's, there would be no need for anyone to convert MVC-3D to SBS, or TAB or interface or any other 3D format if ffmpeg decoded and frame packed the video. Besides, one needs commercial software to do a descent encode of MVC-3D to SBS or TAB H.264 and a descent system and a lot of time to do the convert (with reduced quality as an end result). This is what most people are doing to get around the issue and not necessarily by choice.
BTW, there's no need to convert MVC-3D to 2D as the current ffmpeg already decodes & plays the MVC-3D in 2D (just the left eye).

OK, so in the mean time, I agree that the GUI needs to be prepared first for 3D. And then hopefully ffmpeg developers listen and prioritise 3D playback.

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