WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-07-06, 20:57)Ghostdivision Wrote:
(2013-07-06, 01:35)TeKo Wrote:
(2013-07-05, 18:36)macnb Wrote: That's true. But Active 3D TV's (shutter glasses) is Full HD 3D for each eye. So converting full 3D HD to SBS or TAB (OAU) means resolution loss as well as quality loss. Even on my humble 46inch Sammy the resolution drop is noticable - dare I say but SBS looks almost like SD quality.

Conversion is out for me.

Really was looking forward to keeping all my collection on the server.
Ah well, we'll just have to keep the physical discs around for a little longer (hopefully not too long).

Keeping faith.

SBS and OU = full resolution.
HSBS and HOU = half resolution.

SBS looking like SD can only be something on your side... Im watching everything on a passive 55" and it looks closer to 1080p than SD or 720p.

I would bet you that you cant see the difference between for example a full OU rip in full bitrate to the source.

Dont you still need a passive set for full SBS? Or not? Not many passive 3d souts out there as far as i know.

Frame packing MVC is still ideal imo. Some might not care, but some of us do. With frame packing version its also cool you can switch between 3d and 2d version to watch what you want, a highly convenient feature not available for SBS OU.

Also as far as I know not many are doing full sbs and full OU successfully. And unless I am wrong wouldnt there still be quality loss.


I dont really understand the first part.

You can watch 3D SBS and OU in 2D.

Im not saying framepacked 3D wouldnt be great, its just that ppl here make it look like XBMC is unuseable for 3D and converted files are unwatchable cause of quality loss.
Its just not true.

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