WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-08-12, 20:57)afedchin Wrote:
(2013-08-12, 17:46)baijuxavior Wrote: Now coming to your 3D version, I tested it on my nVidia system and when I play a SBS or OU movie selecting 'Hardware based' as preferred 3d mode, my TV switchesto 3D mode with message '3D signal detected', but the movie is still playing in SBS or OU. If I change the 3dmode to other options like SBS or even 2D the TV will again show 3D signal detected. I can't manually select the SBS mode in TV as it is already in 3D mode. Am I missing something here? Can this version convert SBS and OU to framepacked mode?

It seems that xbmc doesn't detect movie as stereo. Try this steps:
  1. If after launch xbmc the TV switched to 3D mode then press the Ctrl+Alt+T (this is system keyboard shortcut) to turn off the stereo mode.
  2. Start playback movie.
  3. Select monoscopic (2D) mode. You should see one (left) view.
  4. If after select monoscopic mode the xbmc shows movie as SBS or TAB then go to video settings and set up correct stereoscopic type of movie.
  5. Change stereo mode to hardwarebased.

Hi thanks.

My system config is Windows 8 and nVidia GT520, stereoscopic support is enabled in nVidia control panel. Also all my 3D movies are properly tagged and xbmc auto-detects them as stereoscopic.

TV is not switched to 3D mode when xbmc is started. I have set 'Hardware based' as my preferred 3D mode. When selecting SBS movie, XBMC switches to hardware baed mode and notifies 'Stereoscopic mode Hardware based'. TV also displays message '3D signal detected'. But the video continues to play in SBS mode.

Also whatever 3d mode I select (SBS, OU, Hardware based or 2D), the TV shows 3D signal detected. It should do that for hardware based only. When selecting 3D to 2D mode, the movie is displayed as 2D, but TV shows 3D signal detected message.

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