WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
Hi Guys, first time poster here. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this amazing piece of work. It's incredible!

I'm using a little more uncommon setup than most in that I'm using dual projectors in a passive setup to display a full hd picture for each eye. In order to keep each projector in perfect sync, I'm stretching my desktop over 2 monitors to create a 3840x1080 desktop by using a matrox dualhead (can also be done using AMD eyefinity). By using the latest 3D build I can simply set the resolution to 3840x1080, activate the SBS mode and get 2 perfectly synced 1920x1080 pictures to each of my projectors. It even doubles up a regular 2D 1080p movie to both screens, great!

I don't know if you guys want to support a setup like this, but I do have a few small issues so I'll just list them.

- Full SBS (3840x1080) videos play perfectly, but H-SBS and regular 2D 1080p videos get their aspect ratios messed up. I can fix this by setting the pixel ratio to 2.00, but if I apply this to all videos, full sbs files now get squashed and 720p videos don't get scaled up to 1080p. I'm also assuming the regular 1080p movies now first gets squashed and then stretched back out, which would result in lower quality. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

- The option to start with SBS mode enabled was removed some versions ago because tv users have to set their tvs to 3d-mode first, but my setup is always in 3D mode, so I'd like xbmc to always have sbs mode enabled. I watch 2d by simply only turning one of the projectors on. Is there any way to make xbmc start with 3d mode on?

- I'm getting quadruple subtitles now, because my 3D movies have double subtitles muxed into the file so that they can be played on a 3840x1080 desktop with a regular player. I know it's already been said that an option to disable subtitle doubling wont be included, but I just wanted to list it anyway.

A few skinning issues (I think):

- Confluence gets the backgrounds and text right, but icons, buttons and pictures (dvd cases, banners etc) have a wrong aspect ratio and get squashed . They should be twice as wide as far as I can tell.

- Aeon Nox gets the text, icon and buttons right, but all pictures and backgrounds are somehow zoomed in, this results in backgrounds and dvd cases with people with the top of their head cut off.

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