WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-10-20, 11:05)opengl1971 Wrote: Hi there , first i want to really congratulate you for your excellent work , i am using the 3d features a lot , but noticed 3 things are missing:

1- 3D movie depth adjustment
2- 3D subtitles depth adjustment
3- Interleaved 3D on windows.

Is there any chance to implement them ?

(2013-10-20, 16:46)diems Wrote: I'm also a huge fan of the feature. I use windows 7 with HDMI connected to a LG 3D TV.
The current sbs mode is way to eye straining for me. The screens are too far apart. Adjustment for 3D depth (ie manually move the screen overlap in Stereoscopic HSBS or HOU) would be a great feature.

I was also curious if this can be adjusted in the source code (to compile for myself) so I could experiment?

Thanks, Diems

I don't think anything can be done about the 3D depth of the picture itself. For SBS or TAB, the two screens have to be overlapped 1:1 to get the correct 3D image and the source images are static. The 3D effect is realized by having the majority of the image area perfectly overlap (infinite distance focus), with certain elements not overlapping perfectly, causing the eyes to move towards each other to be able to focus on them (near object focus), causing them to "pop" out of the screen. To modify the depth, only those non-overlapping object areas would have to be moved closer or farther in the left-right pictures, where the rest of the image areas would have to remain the same, which is not really possible for xbmc to do.

I heard that some 3D codecs contain info on the differences between the left-eye images, where they have the left picture encoded in full, and for the right picture, they only include the popping areas and sort of create the right eye image using the left eye image plus the difference. That format could potentially allow for changing depth as it would be aware of the near focus areas. I am not sure if that is being utilized commercially at the moment.

PS3 can also modify the depth in 3D games easily as it controls the source images. It simply renders the left-eye images differently based on the depth selection.

Subtitles on the other hand, are a different story. As xbmc controls the source images for them, it can potentially modify their distance from each other in the left-eye images and change their depth.

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