WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
Dear Team XBMC, Happy New Year!

First, I want to stress big Thank You for your work to integrate Stereoscopic functionality into XBMC.
Second, I have been playing around with xbmc-13.0-Gotham_alpha10.exe build on Win7 64bit and I have a duty to report my key observations around Stereoscopic mode. Apologies if some of these were already reported or fixed in more recent nightly builds.

1. Switching between different mode movies:
Scenario 1: You Start playing 3DTAB or 3DSBS movie - XBMC will turn into proper Stereoscopic mode. When you Stop playing this movie - XBMC will turn back to Stereoscopic mode: none. Then, you start Playing regular 2D movie next - it will be in regular none stereoscopic mode. Behavior: GOOD/Expected
Scenario 2: You Start playing 3DTAB or 3DSBS movie - XBMC will turn into proper Stereoscopic mode. Then, you go back to the list of movies and Start regular 2D movie, without previously stopping 3D movie. XBMC will not attempt to change Stereoscopic mode back to None and you end up watching 2D movie in one of the Stereoscopic modes. Only once you Stop playing movie - XBMC will switch back to none stereo mode. Behavior: BAD/Unexpected
Looks like implementation is dependent on solely OnPlay and OnStop events, however if you switch between the movies - you have multiple OnPlay events with no OnStop event between the movie switch.

2. Stereoscopic mode change events:
I have not seen any event is generated when Stereoscopic mode is changed. I would like to detect when XBMC is changing Stereoscopic mode and I believe generating event would be preferable implementation. This is my feature request. Thank you

3. Switching TV to 3D mode:
I have Samsung TV UN55ES7500. Yes, "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" turns my TV into 3D mode, however input signal changes from 60p (my usual) to 24p or 23p (frame packed). It is great that is works, but my HTPC performance is downgraded in this mode significantly. Movie playback is slow, XBMC menu navigation is slow. I suspect this has to do with frame packing overkill. So turning 3D mode on TV this way is not acceptable for me from performance perspective.
This is not the case when I keep 60p on the output and simply switch TV into 3DTAB or 3DSBS mode.

Due to this, I have developed prototype Python script to turn my Samsung TV into 3DTAB or 3DSBS mode or back to None by sending sequence of remote keys via LAN. Same way iOS/Android remote apps by Samsung does. Since I cannot yet detect Stereoscopic mode change, I have to attempt to detect the mode by matching 3DTAB and 3DSBS strings in currently playing movie file name. This is a hack - I better just have a notification with Stereoscopic mode and leave detection for XBMC only.
My solution is currently based on Event Ghost and I plan to release it to public soon. Ideally it should be just XBMC plugin in future, but it's a learning curve for me.
Pros: Works on 60p mode instead of 24p mode; No performance degradation; Works on PCs that cannot switch to frame packed 3D mode;
Cons: TV specific; TV has to be connected to LAN; You can see 3D switch menu on TV itself during key press sequence (like you see when manually switching with your remote)

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