WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
Yesterday I got around to testing an AMD Eyefinity setup with dual passive projectors (for Full-SBS and Full-OU) and I'm happy to report that it works! The only downside is that hardware decoding is not available. AMD Radeon cards with UVD3 should technically have been capable of decoding Full-SBS or 4k video files for years, the feature was first introduced in Catalyst version 10.4(!), but it was buggy and caused BSODs. After some time AMD apparently decided that instead of fixing the drivers, they'd just disable the feature.

To sum up:
Nvidia Purevideo 5 card with Matrox Dualhead can do Full-SBS and Full-OU with hardware or software decoding.
AMD UVD3 Radeon card with Eyefinity can do Full-SBS and Full-OU with software decoding only, at least until AMD fixes their drivers.

For those who are wondering how compatible XBMC is with a dual projector setup, it is, in one word, great!

Dual projector setups work by creating a giant 3840x1080 desktop and then splitting this so each projector gets a regular 1920x1080 picture. This is needed to ensure that the left and right picture are properly synced up, but it also allows XBMC to work in this setup by permanently setting XBMC to side-by-side mode with a 3840x1080 resolution. The display calibration tool needs to be run to get the correct aspect ratio, but only once. My results so far are:

- 2D movies are properly doubled including the subtitles and centered on each projector, so instead of changing XBMC's mode, you simply only turn on one of the projectors when you want to watch a 2D movie. Perfect!

- 3D movies are properly split and centered for Full-SBS, Full-OU, Half-SBS and Half-OU. The subtitles are doubled, so you cannot use the image based double subtitles that you would get when you rip a 3D bluray to Full-SBS. Only .srt subtitle files work.

Off course, if subtitle doubling were disabled, you wouldn't be able to use .srt subtitles and .srt files are easy to find anyway. The only way this would work is if .srt subtiles are doubled, while image based subtitles are not when playing 3D movies, but both types are doubled when playing 2D movies. This is not possible according to the devs, so we'll just have to live with this limitation.

The only feature I am missing is that there is no way to have XBMC start in 3D mode, I have to compile XBMC myself right now, modified to make XBMC always start in SBS mode. Is there a way a start-up setting could be implemented?

All in all it works great, I'm extremely happy that I can use XBMC with a dual projector setup, as it is usually a great hassle to get all possible formats working. XBMC now takes takes care of all these problems. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this incredible piece of software. It's awesome!

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