WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-01-20, 16:45)afedchin Wrote:
(2014-01-20, 16:23)Hasu0bs Wrote: Yes, but the problem presists: Which settings do I need to choose for XBMC to convert it to HalfSBS or HalfTAB to get the TV to display it correctly? (since frame packing is not suported yet)

To be honest, I find the 3D settings in XBMC very confusing. What is preferred mode for when the default behaviour for film stereo mode is "ask me"? Where can I select the 3D orientation the video file has if the auto detection fails?
For TV with passive 3D the TAB stereo mode is prefered in any way. You can set prefered mode then xbmc will be auto select this mode. If the auto detection fails you can set up correct stereo orientation at osd video settings dialog.

Ah thank you! I somehow missed the video OSD settings. Everything is fine now. Here is my status report after testing for an hour on my LG passiv TV:

First things first: I spent 30 minutes figuring out why over/under looked crappy. It turnes out (surprise) that it strongly relies on the resolution beeing pixel perfect. I somehow had to discover that the TV setting "Auto" and "16:9" are stupid (and setting gfx driver in windows to over/underscan even more so) and that the correct setting for LG TV is "Just Scan"! After that (ans after resetting the gfx settings) I now have the perfect resolution in XBMC resulting the GUI in 3D mode to be not at all 3D (which is a good thing because now the lines for left and right eye are strictly over each other) Huge success! Blush

Now my problems with 3D movies:
  1. When ever I stop a movie, XBMC does not remember the "current 3D" mode and the menu is displayed in 2D - TV stays in over/under mode = eye terror
  2. Watching a HalfSBS 1080p video was nice, it got changed to over/under quite nicely. After playing with video scaling and setting it to auto the right eye got screwed:
    picture with 3d disabled on TV:
  3. A fullSBS 1080p (3840x1080) movie I tried was displayed poorly: It detects it correctly as SBS 3D BUT: Skin displays 4K sign which is false AND (worst of all) the resolution gets messed up resulting in big bars over and under the video. Something like 30:9 resolution... So my question from above persists (highlighted)

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