WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-01-26, 11:53)da-anda Wrote:
(2014-01-26, 07:55)giftie Wrote: [quote='da-anda' pid='1604839' dateline='1390159468']
for everybody that had issues with video playlists, could you please check if this windows test build has correct behavior for you?

Though I don't use windows, I did compile your GIT hub branch. Lately I have been having issues with 3D movies not playing properly(no audio with either jerky playback or high speed playback). I did manage to get some testing in..

XBMC does recognize the videos, but seemed to stay on the previous stereoscopic mode. If a SBS video was played before a HOU video, the HOU video would be converted to SBS(properly converted) instead of XBMC changing to HOU mode.
I hope you haven't compiled form my branch in the last two days, because I added some highly experimental and still WIP stuff to that branch (I would like to store the stereo_mode reliable in the DB so that we can create smartplaylists for 3D movies). So please only use the first two commits ("[3D] fix stereoscopic handling of playlists with mixed stereo modes", and "[3D] hide stereomode of movie in ask dialog if preferred mode is same… ").
I compiled from the same day you posted the Windows Binary link, so I think I only have the two that you have pointed out, I'll double check a bit later..
Quote:As for the behavior. What's your preferred stereo mode? If you have set it to "same as movie" it should do what you want. If it's something else it'll stay in that preferred mode. That's at least how it should work.
I am pretty sure I have it set that way, it works fine for individual movies(have H-SBS and H-OU files for testing) I also will check this again.

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