WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-03-17, 21:07)kinggofg Wrote:
(2014-03-15, 23:50)nickr Wrote: Have you calibrated video inside xbmc - that will screw up 3d.

Did not calibrate.

Attached are 3 screenshots that illustrate.
1. First is the SBS view of a 3d tagged source. See the extreme jaggedness of the smurfs feet. This is what i get on every 3d movie.
2. Second is the same scene in 3d mode played as 2D. it looks like its scaling then shrinking. the jaggeds are even more apparent
3. Third is the original source without any xbmc processing. notice how the lines are not jagged

I will see if I can install windows on the machine and see i its the same.


(2014-03-18, 17:00)kinggofg Wrote: It was at all scaling settings. By default I believe it was Auto

I tried a windows install on same machine and it worked no problem but the acceleration options are completely different.

It works fine for me as long as I turn off "Prefer VDPAU Video Mixer".

If you really want to debug it, I am happy to try to reproduce on a linux build instead of OE and attach any logs or screenshots you want. But it seems like its a driver / acceleration issue which with an easy enough fix of turning off a setting, probably not worth your time.

That said, it does seem like 3d is doing some unnecessary processing. If a video is already SBS and you play it SBS shouldn't xbmc just play the file and not process it? I guess if processing is working properly no one would ever notice.

I have the same issue on my ION-Based PC with Ubuntu on it. Turning "Prefer VDPAU Video Mixer" helps somehow but i ask myself too why XBMC is processing the video when outputing it to the same format.

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