WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-05-29, 13:31)T800 Wrote: Either, I thought MVC used framepacking.

I'm after playing full 3D blu-rays in their native fullscreen 3D in XBMC rather than using Stereoscopic Player.

I have an active 3D projector if that makes any difference.
MVC is a method of encoding 3D video on disk. It involves one eye being encoded in full (the 2D view) and the other eye being encoded as a difference between eye 2 and eye 2. This is far more efficient than storing 2 more frames.

framepacking is an output format where both frames are combined and sent to the tv/projector in a format that the tv/proj understands is 3d http://www.best-3dtvs.com/what-is-frame-packing-3d/

(2014-05-29, 15:06)wgstarks Wrote:
(2014-05-29, 08:00)Batiatus Wrote: What are people using to rip/convert their 3D BD's to HSBS MKV? I've been trying DVDFab9 with mixed results. Also having some trouble getting XBMC to recognize the file even if named properly with .HSBS tags.

Ideally I want the highest HSBS resolution with untouched HD audio, chapters and subtitles even if I have to remux that all in.

I use DVDFab for my FSBS rips works fairly well but I have to edit the headers or remux to get the proper aspect ratio. For 3D detection you can also use the file tag 3D.sbs on your mkv files. Full Details

(2014-05-29, 13:23)T800 Wrote: What's the latest on XBMC, ffmpeg and framepacking?

I don't see how it could be supported in XBMC before vs 16 at the earliest, and I think that is rather doubtful. First it has to be supported by ffmpeg and I'm not sure anyone is putting much work into that. Then the new ffmpeg would have to be adopted by the XBMC devs which I'm sure would involve a lot of work that they can't even start on yet since there isn't a new ffmpeg. Don't see how it could all happen in less than 2 or 3 years, maybe much longer. Just my guess.Smile
By which time the current 3D obsession may be over, if it isn't already.
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