WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-05-29, 12:20)Hasu0bs Wrote: HSBS and highest resolution at the same time is not possible. If you want to rip, you can choose FullSBS or FullTAB format. For 3D detection make sure you have the 3D flag set in your MKV header as XBMC will prefer those over the filename detection.

I understand with HSBS you are not getting the full HD resolution from the disc. What I meant is the highest HSBS quality possible.

(2014-05-29, 15:06)wgstarks Wrote:
(2014-05-29, 08:00)Batiatus Wrote: What are people using to rip/convert their 3D BD's to HSBS MKV? I've been trying DVDFab9 with mixed results. Also having some trouble getting XBMC to recognize the file even if named properly with .HSBS tags.

Ideally I want the highest HSBS resolution with untouched HD audio, chapters and subtitles even if I have to remux that all in.

I use DVDFab for my FSBS rips works fairly well but I have to edit the headers or remux to get the proper aspect ratio. For 3D detection you can also use the file tag 3D.sbs on your mkv files. Full Details

Are you ripping the discs directly or ripping from MVC MKVs? And what settings are you using.

I want highest quality HSBS I can get with full HD audio, subtitles and chapters just as if this was a MVC MKV itself but obviously loss of some image quality due to conversion). This is the next goal I've set fourth as an interim solution.

Just tried converting another MVC MKV to HSBS with Jurassic park. If I try to use higher then the basic video quality settings the process just fails. So what did complete was a 7GB file where at times the left-eye image is 'wavy''. Plus I always get a big black bar down the middle of the screen which seems to disappear once in 3D mode. HSBS 3D MKV's I've, um, obtained, are of much higher file size while only having lossy SD sound and there's no wavy image or big black bars. I'm doing something wrong....

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