WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
guys, I have something to play with. Inspired by this feature request ( http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=201020 ) I did some modifications to stereoscopic playback handling and also added support for video playlists. These things need to be tested upfront before I file a pull request to get this merged.

Things I changed / added and have to be tested:
  • moved "monoscopic" from "preferred stereomode" to "preferred playback mode" (please check what happens if you had "2D" as preferred stereomode earlier after this change - so don't adjust the setting yet to a real preferred stereomode)
  • "ask" dialog will show the label "same as movie" instead of the movies real mode (in case "auto detect" is preferred stereomode)
  • "to mono/2D" toggle should now always work as expected, because we will always have a correct setting for "preferred stereomode" (can't be 2D nor none anymore)
  • added support for playlists with mixed movies. This has two modes:
    a) go in and out of 3D mode for each movie (in case the setting "exit stereoscopic mode if playback ended" is enabled)
    b) stay in 3D mode even if following up movie is not stereoscopic (in case above setting is not enabled)
    This needs heavy testing, because I'm not sure if this will meet everybodies expectations (personally I don't use movie playlist and always like to back out of 3D)
  • experimental: don't override user selected mode while in playlists
    This also needs to be tested along with the playlist behaviour. What this does is the following:
    - start a playlist and always let Kodi apply your preferences, nothing changes and 3D modes will adjust for each movie depending on your settings as written above
    - start a playlist and manually change the 3D mode (either via the ask dialog in the beginning or during playback), Kodi will/should remember this decision and will no longer attempt to apply your default preferences when next movie starts. So if you start playback in mono and switch to 3D, it will always stay in this mode and not switch back to 2D for the next movie. Once playback is stopped, user mode is cleared and defaults kick in again.

It's very likely that the "remember user selection" feature has a bug, but as I myself don't use video playllists and thus have no experience what an expected switching behaviour would be, I only assumed what might make sense to those users. So please test and report back. I only have a windows build at hand for testing:

http://mirrors.xbmc.org/test-builds/win3...-fixes.exe (ATTENTION!!!!, build against master/Helix)

In case somebody likes to compile for his platform and test - this is my branch: https://github.com/da-anda/xbmc/compare/3D-ux-fixes

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