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Hey all, I've been using XBMC for a few months now on a Win7 HTPC and it's really cool. I'm always playing around with it seeing what I can get it to do. Of course I'm looking forward to the PVR features in the upcoming Frodo release, so I'm looking to find what TV tuner card will play best with XBMC + NextPVR. Here are the specs I'm working with:

Windows 7 32-bit
2.8GHz Pentium 4
512MB GeForce 8400

I have a couple requirements for the card, namely:
-Must be "low profile"
-must be PCI 1.x compatible
-would like to keep it close to $100(+/- $20)
-If all of the above are met, a second tuner or remote are bonus

About the cable in my area:
-Baton Rouge, LA
-Cox communications
-I get about 80 channels over cable
-I don't have a cable box/cable card/anything like that. I just plug the coax into the tv and it works
-I have an older Winfast TV2000 tuner card that gets all the channels I receive, but is older than dirt, won't fit in my new box, and is unsupported by basically everything to boot.

Hope this isn't too tall of an order, but any help would be greatly appreciated! I would love to hear from people with working cards that fit my requirements. Thanks in advance!

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