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[RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin)
Agreed....the addon is no longer working for me either. This happen about this time last month and I went crazy until Spinalcrack fixed up a temp patch. So, whatcha think Spinalcrack, can you whip us up another patch until Sphere can find the time to push us out another update?
Ditto :-(
Temporary patch until it can be fixed properly - Uninstall current version, then install this from zip - Should auto update when proper fix is pushed to the repository

Disclose.TV - Spinalcracker Patch

Cheers Smile
Spinalcrack, Thanks.
Spinalcrack, thanks fella, defo one of my favorite addons, great you helped us out so quickly.


I actually tried to hunt down the issues by using the info spinalcrack has posted for the previous fix.....

I was looking at the Kodi log file, and the scraper.py file, along with the source page for disclose.tv, but I could not find the problem......

The error stated it was the python script trying to play the video but was getting a "error 404" file not found, and I looked at the "_get_url" scraper but still could not really pin point the problem......

My background is in networking so I like to try and expand my horizons with some scripting language knowledge......lol.......but I will be going back to my networking cave now, and will leave the scripting to experts like spinalcrack and sphere!!! ?
The problem is Disclose url used to end with just the video id. Now it ends with the video id/video title. So current script, was giving 404 errors that it couldn't find the page because of the Disclose site changing the url format
thanks to the author tristan for the great addon and spinalcrack for the quick fix.
Hi Tristan (Dersphere) Yeah guess Disclose changed the website again, or is it the evil global elite? Either way Kaputski again.

I know you'll get around it eventually. Or Spinalcrack are you around?

Look at post 93 in this thread. Wink
Thanks, Spinal I was really missing my Disclose TV time.

Cheers Your Awsome
Dude, Spinal, thanks again for coming through for us! I get pissed when this add-on goes down. One might be lead to believe that the videos from this add-on are all about UFO's and aliens, but there's nothing farther from the truth. Hell, those are the videos I mostly don't watch. The news and useful info that you won't find anywhere else is truly what I love about this add-on. And if anyone thinks any different than they haven't really looked close enough. This add-on reports more real news than most of the so-called "news media" out there. And if you thinks "that's just crazy", than you're not as intelligent as you think you are. Stop assuming and start paying attention. "When truth becomes a lie, and lies become truth...." well, those that know need not an ending to this statement. Anyway, thanks again Spinal for fighting the good fight in helping to get truth out there. Something so small can go a long way!

I fixed the disclose_tv-addon a few minutes ago, please wait a few hours and you will receive the updated version (0.1.5) via the official addon repository.

My GitHub. My Add-ons:
Thanks as always Sphere. This is my favourite addon. You're the best! I appreciate all your work on this. Again, thank you.
Spinalcrack, I would like to send you a message but the "send private message" link in your profile doesn't work. Maybe I can respond if you try my email link?
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[RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin)1
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