XBMC 12.0 Frodo: Beta 3 available now!

Good stuff, keep up the great work guys, we're indebted to you indeed.
Great news. Thank you for the hard work.
Thanks for the hard work!
Just a small question: can I just install Beta 3 over Beta 2?
Please fix KARAOKE always lagging. Thank you!
I am using MQ4 as my skin... is it just best to start from scratch to install FRODO? how long you guys think the official version will come out?
I had been using XBMC for a while and it worked great for movies, music, and pictures. I didn't care about live TV. Now I'm getting married and future wife wants cable, so I grabbed an HDHomeRun Prime box from Newegg (only $129 with free shipping) and thought I would just plug it in to XBMC. I wish it were that easy. I love XBMC, and I want PVR and live TV to work (really work) on it so badly, but after 2 weeks of struggling trying to get NPVR or MythTV to work well with XBMC I have given up and gone back to Windows Media Center.

Had Windows Media Center set up from scratch in less than 10 minutes, and over half that time was downloading the TV guide info. Channel switching is just as fast as a cable box. I really hope XBMC Frodo combined with the PVR backends like NPVR and MythTV can duplicate this Windows Media Center PVR experience, because right now it is not usable in my opinion. Sad

I gotta give credit where credit is due though, aside from live TV, XBMC is flat out the best media center around. Look forward to you guys getting the Frodo beta bugs squished soon so I can come back to XBMC! It has got to be wife approved though, just remember that. Smile

Keep up the good work!

There's an update that's almost out from Silicon Dust for the HDHomeRun Prime that will make it pretty much plug-and-play for watching live TV (works over UPnP) and XBMC. They showed a YouTube video of it a week or so ago, and it was really nice. I'm in the same boat and have been struggling to get my HDHomeRun Prime working well with XBMC, so I'm pretty excited about it. Not sure what it means for PVR/recording, but at least getting Live TV working plug-and-play is a big step in the right direction. A rep commented on the forums here that XBMC-compatible PVR backends are something they try to develop for, so hopefully that will become easier too.
@ned Scott

Here is a link to the video Ned was talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml0g2l01zVM
Here is a link to the Silicondust discussion board talking about it: http://www.silicondust.com/forum/viewtop...60cbf3eff7

Looks promising to me. I might be able to convince the lady in my life that we can live without PVR functionality like recording and time shifting, but I know that the lack of a TV guide (EPG) will be a deal breaker. It would be amazing if Silicondust made an all inclusive software, hardware, PVR, EPG package that was truly plug n play with XBMC and required minimal configuration like WMC.
@ned Scott & typoknig

This method has worked for many on the AVS forum: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1440470/xbmc-l...functional
Hi all,

I have a Compaq Presario Pentium 4 and ATI Radeon video card, which version should I download? xbmcbuntu-12.00-beta3.AMD.iso or xbmcbuntu-12.00-beta3.Intel-NVIDIA.iso?

Thanks in advance
Intel version.
Stupid Question Number One.

I have a PC with dual boot - Windows 8 and Frodo Beta 2. I really don't want to reinstall Frodo Beta 3 and risk messing up my GRUB menu and what not. Is it possible to log into XBMCBuntu and do "sudo upgrade something" to get to Beta 3? I do not care about losing any settings at all.

Thanks much.
Folks, this is an announcement thread in the XBMC Announcements forum regarding the availability of Frodo Beta 3. Please post any installation or support questions in the XBMC General Help and Support forum or, better yet, in one of its OS-specific subforums. Thanks.

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