Linux Cannot Login XBMC but into console via putty

i am taking the risk of getting answers like do some goolge or other search, but i am tired of spending my time for something i should have never started.

I installed XBMCBuntu (Frodo PreBeta) on an Asrock E350M1 Board from an ISO Cd onto a harddisk.
During Installation i chose 'login to XBMC automatically.
All I needed was working quite will until today i ran
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
to get to latest beta build of Frodo.
After that i did a restart and now i am stuck with a screen asking me to login.
I enter my username and password - but the login screen keeps coming back - no ways to log into XBMC.

I could have forgotten/mistyped my password - but when i login to the console via putty my username and password are accepted.
For this behaviour I do not have an explanation nor did i find anything useful so far doing various searches.

As i have acces to the files maybe i only need to edit some startup file/parameter - but for this i do not have knowledge.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Are you at a text screen or a graphical one?

If it's the former, it may be that the windowing system and/or xbmc aren't starting - take a process list from a terminal using ps -eaf and see what you can see there (I don't have Frodo, but I'd guess you'd be looking for something like /usr/bin/xbmc for the xbmc process, and /usr/bin/X for the window system).

If it's the latter, have a look for something about what you're actually logging into - XBMCbuntu allows you to log into a desktop or XBMC (again, Eden did so I presume Frodo does - no reason to have broken this), so you may need to select the correct login environment.
On the Flat TV i have a graphic screen wiht the XBMCbunto logo and a logon window. when I enter my user and pwd it goes away for a second and comes back still wanting me to login.
Yes I do have to option to logon to XBMC or Ubunto but non lets me in.

In paralell i connect via ssh form my other PC into the text based console.
It's also asking me a password and user, i enter the very same is did on the the XBMC Box and here it is accepted.

how comes that the update change my automatic login?
how can the password used on the console be correct but not be accepted when login via the grafics screen?
Any way to edit a config/startup file to regain the automatic login

You are entering wrong user passwords combination. try username xbmc password: leave blank

It's possible that, during XBMCbuntu installation, you specified one value for "Name" and a different value for "Username". The "Name" is used on the XBMCbuntu log-in window. "Username" is used when you log-in via a console. When you attempted to log-in on the XBMCbuntu log-in window, did you manually type in your username or did you select it from the list of available usernames? If you did type it in, try again, but this time, select the username from the list.
Thanks to those who tried to help me.

I did a complete re-install wiht Frodo Beta 4, once running again i found it does not even play the *.mov files fluently, the ones taken with my newly bought Canon SX260 Photcamera. This is the End.
My requirements are so limited anyway but even this does not work for me.
Watch my jpg, and mov and avi files form our compact cameras.
Play my mp3 via the analog output to my Stereo.
Watch youtube (somtimes)
Listen to internet radio.

I had no intention to watch films.

Just a short heads up how I got inot this matter.
A loose friend of mine left me the impression: get a suitable hardware, install XBMC or Openelec and enjoy.
After having spent approx. 200,- Euros and 3 weeks wasted I don't have the energies for carrying on. Maybe i can use this box for something else.
Reading all the stuff in the various news goups and forums it turns out that more or less nobody got it working out of the box.

To each their own. Personally, and for my use cases, XBMC works wonderfully. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Also to note, looking at support forums is a very poor gauge of how well a product works. I can guarantee that many, many people got XBMC working right out of the box. You just don't hear about it on the forums as they have no reason to post.
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