Forced Subtitles in PGS Streams
Hi there,

The issue is forced subs in bluray rips not showing when subtitles are not turned on. eg Na'vi sections in Avatar

I just commented on hakuya's BRRip playback branch thread ( where I explained that by replicating the updates he made in Eden, against the Frodo master, fixes the issue again.

The files updated were:


In commits:
Added support for forced subtitles in PGS streams:
Pulling in changes from latest pgssubdec.c ffmpeg upstream for PGS decoding fixes:

Would it be possible to merge these changes with master to resolve a long standing issue?
It's unfortunately to late to get this thing in for Frodo. Also the ffmpeg patches are a bit critical atm - might need to wait until we upgrade ffmpeg.
This should be fixed with the below commits:

Fixed forced subtitles display in PGS stream:

Don't utilize rect.flags for an external ffmpeg that doesn't support it:

It was discussed under the last couple pages of the older Eden thread:
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