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Music Player Features & Options?

I've seen dozens of videos and websites and tutorials about how to setup XBMC to play movies and TV shows, but I haven't found any that go in depth as to what all it can do with playing back music files. Can anyone direct me to that information?

What I'm looking to find out is:
Does XBMC scan my music like it does my movies and import all the info such as genre, artist, etc?
Does it allow me to play back via Genre (e.g. play Rock or play Christmas) and just set it to random and let it go?
Does it support queuing up songs to play and can it then default back to a general Random setting for if the queue is empty?

Those are the big ones I had for now.

Here's some info, it needs updating the genres part because its new but here some info.

Your questions

Yes, It scrapes the information and depending on what info on the tags it adds it accordingly.
Yes, you can also make playlists.
Yes, you can even select queue songs when selected its part of the settings you need to enable.

All the information is there (on wiki), it needs updating a bit but I'm not familiar with the new features and library stuff to comment or add this info myself to wiki.


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