Raspberry Pi - 1080i Channels keep stop starting . Works fine on normal xbmc player
Is there any difference between playing a recorded 1080i ts file using the standard xbmc player and using the pvr plugin to stream a 1080i tv channel?

I have a problem when I view a 1080i tv channel on the raspberry pi using the pvr tsreader plugin . It keeps stopping and the time played appears top right and it has to buffer then it stops and starts and keeps buffering , playing a bit, then stopping and buffering again.

If I play the recording file over samba on xbmc standard player without the pvr plugin or using the recorded tv section it plays fine.

So does pvr plugin do something different. Is there anything that can be done to stop this buffering?

I have set wait time to 3000ms , same problem,

Can I use nfs shares instead of samba to read the timeshift file ? Might work better
Any ideas ?

Is there a way to use nfs instead of smb when accessing the timeshift buffer ?

If so how can I do it on windows , I already have this path shared with nfs
The PVR addon uses on non-Windows system the internal XBMC CFile class for SMB access. The PVR API exposes this class to remove the need for the PVR addons to access libsmbclient directly (this is what I used for the Eden version).
If it does play directly via XBMC but not via the addon, then the overhead of the PVR-API + PVR addon itself must be too big for the RPi CPU to handle. What is the CPU usage in both cases?

Usage of NFS is only possible with a code change in the PVR addon. If you know C/C++ and how to compile the addon for RPi you could try to add it yourself.
The code that translates the path into a smb:// url is the function CTsReader::TranslatePath() at line 76 of
Basically it removes the local path from the backend (TV-Server) and replaces it with the network share name.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
The cpu usage is near 100% when playing a ts 1080i file directly via xbmc so I guess with pvr it might be done much.

Sometime it works fine though , I have played some 1080i channels for 30 mins and no buffer

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Raspberry Pi - 1080i Channels keep stop starting . Works fine on normal xbmc player0
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