Tivo like features for video playback
ok, so i've had a tivo for about 3 years, and i feel its got one of the best interfaces for navigating video. i've even had friends that have used my tivo a few times comment on this same fact(actually its one of these comments that made me realize how good the tivo is at this).

anyway, i'd love to see an interface similar to the tivo's while watching videos.
in case you've never used a tivo, i'll outline the features below:

video progress bar. this bar comes up at the bottom when you do any pause/ff/rew/skip movement functions. also, when you press play it comes up to show you where you are overall in the video.

forward and reverse skip. tivo has 30sec forward skip and 7sec back. its a great combination of time because you can do 2,9,16,23, 30,... second jumps in time. i find it much more useful than rewind and fastforward for short jumps.

now, the progress bar, has some neat features. first, at the beginning and end of the bar are the length of the show, thebeginning shows 0:00 to let you know thats the beginning(in live tv shifting they show something else which is why theres 0:00 during playback) and the end shows you the overall length of the show. then inbetween is the timeline with 15 or 30 minute tick marks(2+ hours are 30min tick marks). then there is the progress line, which is a vertical white line along the timeline that shows you where you are. above the tick and above the timeline is text that shows the current location time, and below the tick it shows the current status-paused, play, fastforward level(of which the tivo has three, and so there are three ff chevron's that light up depending on what level your on).

this is pretty much it, on top of that everything else you have in xbmp is pretty good as far as i see it. i'm sure they could be improved, but i think the progress bar is something that really needs to be implemented before the other stuff gets worked on.

also, check out http://www.tivo.com and look at the "try a tivo" thingy they have to see what it looks like.

thanks for a great program btw, i constantly use xbmp and can't wait for xbmc to mature, keep up the great work!
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