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[RELEASE] AZDRAMA.NET Video addon (chinese video on demand)
This was by request. Sites has mostly Chinese drama with some English sub Korean drama as well. Some notes about this addon, only the Google videos work because they are the only ones that aren't encrypted but the good news is most of the videos are on Google Videos and the ones that aren't are mostly offline now anyway. Again install the repo if you haven't already then just find and install under video addons

I also added drama24h addon which is very similar to azdrama.
though donation is not necessary but just in case you want to: Donate Here
thanks Smile
Sorry guys had to make a quick update. Smile didn't realize that some videos the google links aren't always the ones listed first so it didn't play. I've updated it to look for the google video if it's not the first one loaded. Of course if it still can't find it then it will tell you the video is not yet available. But the fix should update automatically for everyone
though donation is not necessary but just in case you want to: Donate Here

Thx for the addon. Very much appreciated.

You work fast. How do I rep you?

(more request) I noticed they offer 720p on the website, but it's not available in this Add-on. Can you fix?
Also, can you add an Add-on Settings so that I can preset a preferred resolution? Saves at least 30 clicks for a typical drama set. Smile
Is there any update to this add-on? It doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I select the show I want to watch and then the episode but when comes to select the quality the script fails. Any reason why this would be. Worked for me a couple of nights ago.
Yeah.. having the same issue... hk shows appear to be ok.. but most hk dramas are giving script failed error.
Thanks dknlght!!
I found an error on a drama I tried to watch.

DEBUG: XFILE::CPluginDirectory::StartScript - calling plugin'plugin://','0','?')

My assumption is that the website changed the directory of this series? Anyway we can get some eyes on this?
Ok, after trying a couple of shows out, it seems like various episodes of different HK Dramas are affected (esp. Friendly Fire).

I've went to the actual site to take a look whether this was also happening there, and it seems it's not. Any difference between these episodes from the rest?

It also seems that if I play any video in 480p it will just play audio and not video. Though that's only happening in my Raspberry Pi setup.
I did a quick fix through the browser editor so you'll need to force an update of the addon or uninstall and re-install the get the fix. It was the addition of the html5 that cause the error. as for raspberry pi most likely it's an issue with the setup and video format. if so then I have no control over that.
though donation is not necessary but just in case you want to: Donate Here
omg.. thanks so much dknIght!
Much appreciated!
Thank you dknight for providing the addon for azdrama!

I am still getting the script failure error for the drama series that have the new HTML 5. I have follow your advice to force update and even tried uninstall and reinstall with no luck. No sure if I am doing it correctly as I am new to xbmc. I checked the azdrama addon version 1.02 after the update, it's this the newest update? Currently I am running Eden under window 7.

Has anyone got it to work after the force update?

Never mind my earlier post. It's working as suggested by dknight method. Thanks.
dknight knocked this out of the park. Thanks so much and I hope to report any future issues to you here.
I get a script error when I click on English subtitles. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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[RELEASE] AZDRAMA.NET Video addon (chinese video on demand)4.4511