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here is my situation: I am using TVheadend (most time with the last commits) and for the Channel-Icons/Logos I am using local files. On the local machine this is ok. But when I am login from another PC, or from WAN, not LAN, I can't see the Logos.

Is it somehow possible that TVheadend...don't know...forwards the images or somehting like that so they are displayed correct?

Use a webserver (apache) on the server.
Installing Apache is incompatible with the basic idea of a lightweight mediacenter. And if you think about it: TVHeadend has/is already some kind of webserver.
I use xbmc for assigning icons to the channels. You just have to match the file names with the channel names and set the directory in xbmc Live TV settings.
I've already assigned the icons to the channels. The filenames and directories are ok and XBMC on the LOCAL computer is showing them, but because these paths are local, every remote-pc/tablet/smartphone is not able to display them.
I use URLs from - They have most European channels.

These work nicely everywhere.
Adam did hint that something easier for channel logos might be coming in version 3.4
One thing that will be added soon is the ability for tvh to cache and serve logos locally. This might help if done right.

sounds great, thank you Smile

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