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Default audio output?
Hello there.
I recently updated to Frodo, and I came up with a problem.

When I watch something on XBMC, I usually change my output audio device with my remote control (setting to PC speakers / TV speakers / wireless headset, depending on my needs). With Eden, XBMC audio output was set as the Windows default output, I didn't have to change anything.

Now, with Frodo, I don't have anymore this possibility. If I change Windows audio output to my PC speakers, I have to replicate this in XBMC, going to Settings > System > Audio output. Is there any chance to go back to the original form?

Thank you.
The workaround is to have multiple profiles for the different audio outputs.

So you''d need 3 profiles with different audio settings for:

PC Speakers
TV Speakers
Wireless Headset

You can map the profile switching to a button on the remote so it can be done easily.
IIRC, Mac OS X also lost this ability (using an OS default). Not sure if it's gone for good or if it's something that might come back later (either in a bug fix release or in v13). I'll poke around about this and see if anyone knows.
Any news about this?

It's a pretty annoying step backward...
Any solution?

Default audio output?00