Removing a media source in Frodo
I've reported an issue where XBMC doesn't seem to be correctly picking up the album cover art set in the id3 tags for some of the files in my music library. I wanted to experiment with this a bit to see if I could identify why this works with some files and not others, but I'm running into a new problem, I can't seem to remove my big music library as a media source in Frodo.

Frodo doesn't seem to allow bringing up the context menu from the root menu as described in the wiki post on media sources. I wasn't able to find any way in the GUI to remove a media source. Finally I removed everything in the <music> section of the sources.xml file in my userdata directory, but XBMC is still scanning the directory that I had originally set up as the source for my music media. Here is a snippet from the log:

14:50:50 T:3620 DEBUG: MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoScanner:Big GrinoScan Skipping dir 'Z:\Music\' due to no change

Does anyone know how to definitively remove a media source from the music library? Basically I want to stop scanning Z:\Music.


highlight source you want to remove > bring up context menu >select remove source.

Alternatively you can edit the source and selct exclude source from library updates.

The wiki description works though it could be better... Feel free to update wiki content. Big Grin

Thanks for the quick reply!

Right now when I go to Music/Files all I see is "Music Add-ons" and "Add Source" since I deleted the sources in the sources.xml file. The problem that I'm having is that even though I deleted the source (Z:\Music in my case), XBMC is still scanning it on start up (as I have it configured to do) and still making it available.

For grins I put the source back in sources.xml and followed the instruction to highlight source you want to remove > bring up context menu >select remove source. (I'll confess that I misinterpreted the "Do you want to remove all the music..." message and thought this would delete the actual files!)

This seemed to work! So it appears that simply deleting the source from source.xml does NOT work.

I'd be happy to update the wiki. I created an account this evening which doesn't seem to have edit rights yet, so I'll try again in a few days.

You need to confirm the account, check your email.

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