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"If you used some process to keep the individual thumbnail folders in sync (such as a script, Dropbox, symbolic links, or rsync) then you no longer need to use those processes. XBMC will download images for new library entries on each XBMC device, and will synchronize the download URL via MySQL (using the videos and/or music DB). "

I am confused by the above sentence. I use Media Center Master to process all my videos and the thumbnails are stored local on a NAS and all device use symbolic links to a 'Master Thumbnail' folder. Am I making this too difficult trying to understand the sentence?

What are the ramifications of not changing?
In that case XBMC will store a URL for your local media, something like smb://server/movies/movie title/poster.jpg. Each XBMC client will look there if they are missing that thumbnail locally (which is kept track of in the textures DB).

Removing symbolic links will allow each XBMC client to operate faster, since they're using local image caches instead of having to use one over the network. They stay in sync because they use the same image url (local or internet) for the image to copy to the client's cache folder.

You can still use symbolic links and it won't hurt anything. It can be useful if some XBMC clients don't have a lot of local drive space, for example. It won't be as fast as doing it the native-Frodo way, but it shouldn't be any slower than it was for Eden.
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