How to login as another user?
I wanted to get VLC streaming to work. Found out that i needed to add a anonymous user to allow that, and it works. But how can i select to login as my admin user now?
And is there a logout button from the webinterface? Yesterday, when i created the anonymous user and was logged in as my admin user, the only way to be able to login as the anonymous user was to exit the browser. Otherwise the admin user always stayed logged in.
You should be able to access TVHeadend using a [email protected] addition to the URL to login as a different user, ie:
http://[email protected]:9981 (replace with your admin user and tvheadend ip)
No, that didn't work. Get a message that i'm trying to visit a website that don't require authentication. When i answer yes to visit anyway i get to the anonymous user.
If i'm trying the same thing in IE i get a message that the website cant be found, but works fine without [email protected] (or the username i use for admin).
I actually had the same issue, I (wrongly it seems) assumed that it was a Chrome issue.

The way I solved it was to go into my .hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol/ folder and look through the files in it for the one that had a username of * and a password of * and then set the line "admin": 1,

I guess you could also just delete the file with the * username and password which would cause tvheadend to no longer have an anonymous user and prompt you for a login again.
Yes, i guess i have to do that. But i find it a bit strange. The only way to get the streaming to work through the web interface is to have a anonymous user, but if you have that you also have to grant access to the anonymous user to change all the settings. Otherwise it is impossible for anyone to change the settings.
So you have to choose between being able to stream or being able to administrate TVH, because i don't want anonymous access to the web with the possibility to change all settings.

Seems like a bug to me.
One solution would be to configure the anonymous user in TVHeadend to only be allowed to access it from the IP address of the XBMC box. I've not tested it, but in theory that should solve your problems. (I have my anonymous user with full admin but locked down to my homes internal /24 subnet)
I've just tested it with the anonymous user locked to a single IP and I can confirm it works.
Too bad that streaming don't work with a user that has a password. Would have liked to use it when i'm traveling and stream TV.

In reality there is not much meaning to have different users in TVH when you cant change between them?

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