Win Live TV Skip Issue
Below is a short video example of my problem. If you kick it to full screen and watch in HiDef, you might be able to notice the video kind of "jumps" once a second. (I could not really tell on this YouTube upload, but it is VERY visible on our screen!)

Oh, this can be annoying!

Why is it doing this? I have tried enabling the Deinterlace feature, but my Atom processor and NVIDIA ION graphics card can not handle that. The video quality turns horrible.

What can I try?
Deinterlacing of HD works fine on my Atom/ION.
What OS are you using?

I can't see the video atm, but have you tried playing with the Vsync/Blank settings in XBMC (can't remember exactly where they are) - I recall that these could cause some tearing of videos.
I've enabled video sync, but I can't see any noticeable results.

I'm running Win7 (32).

I also notice that as soon as I try to click on the EPG: Timeline feature, XBMC consistently crashes.

EPG: Timeline pic:

Crash message:

Once this happens, I also have to reboot the PC. I'm guessing that kernel DLL is unloaded and loads only at startup.

I'd like to get something like this from Win7 Media Center:


I hope you can see files hosted on
Hmm.. well I only use linux so I'm not sure on your crashes, I certainly don't see any issues like you describe, both with video playback or timeline crashing.
Have you tried using something like Openelec on a spare hard drive (or another partition) ?

If you don't want to go down that route, then hopefully some of the guys that run windows can help you out Smile
OpenELEC. That's a Linux thing, right? I looked into setting Ubuntu as my Media HTPC with MythTV, but doing so would require me to first reformat my hard drive for the Linux install. The PC I'm using came with a Win7 recovery partition that I paid about $100 extra for, so I'd rather not go that route just to test something out. If I didn't like it and wanted to go back to Windows, I'd be stuck having to pay for the exact same Windows license.

I've got a dual partition on my hard drive now.
  • C:\ is for programs
  • D:\ is for RecordedTV
  • F:\ is my 2-TB USB drive used like a network file server.

Where do I go to set the Live TV's buffer size, or can that be done?
Ya know, I thought I'd look at burning a Flash Card with that OpenELEC thing to test it out.

I downloaded the OpenELEC version for the Atom/ION machines.

The directions said to put the installer on a USB drive, boot to that, and install to the Flash Card.

The Atom/ION machine did not want to boot to the USB drive, even though I had that set in the BIOS, so I moved over to my Core2 Duo development PC.

Something went wrong. Way wrong.

When it rebooted to the USB drive, there was no prompt asking where I wanted it installed to.

In less than 15 seconds, I got to watch OpenELEC re-partition the primary HDD on my development PC, then state it was ready for a reboot.

What's worse is since this version of OpenELEC was specific to the Atom/ION machines, it would not even load on my development PC.

That hard drive is fried.

I don't think I'll be trying OpenELEC again anytime in the foreseeable future.

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