3D SBS/OU Skin Possible?
Hi All
I've just setup XBMC on my RPi after being a long time user of this amazing software since the XBOX days.
I'm can barely believe that I can get the Pi hooked up to my Optoma 3D projector and playing 1080p 3D Vids that the proj can decode, they look awesome!
Where it lets me down is with the auto detection of 3D on the projector, which doesn't switch back to 2D when I come out of a movie or open a menu etc.
I was wondering if it's possible to create or modify a skin that could duplicate the menus in a Side-By-Side or Over-Under manner that would be handled by the projector? They would need to show the same L/R but be independant of the video, which would already be SBS.
Without the glasses it would almost look as if the screen was duplicated on both halves of the screen, if you get me?
I have absolutely no knowledge of how this could be implemented unfortunately.

Any help appreciated.

Sorry, didn't realise this was posted in [WIP], would appreciate if a mod could move it to the correct forum.

3D support will be handled by XBMC itself, not the skins, and is being worked on.
Hi Sialivi, thanks for the response.
As far as I can see XBMC supports 3D just fine already (depending on your viewing device I assume) and only needs minor changes to the menus to make it seamless. I can't see why a fundamental change to the OS would be required?
(2013-01-04, 15:35)sialivi Wrote: ...and is being worked on.

Flipping sweet! Didn't see that. Big Grin
effin ace man !!!! just what was missing from my xbmc ... cant wait .

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3D SBS/OU Skin Possible?0
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