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Run script/playlist when selecting a movie?
i am going to be using xbmc in my home theater as my media center and i would like to be able to play my custom home theater intro as well as one or two other clips (dts, dolby, etc.) prior to a movie actually starting.

i'd like to accomplish this seamlessly by setting up some kind of script or playlist that will automatically play no matter what movie i select in the my videos section. basically, i want to select any random video/movie and have it play my intro clip, another movie clip, and then start the movie that i selected.

is it possible to do this without modifying the actual xbmc code? is there an xml or some other file that can be edited to achieve this?

thanks again and sorry for the triple help posts!
afaik, no way to accomplish this easily.. maybe with a script, so i'm moving to that forum
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Run script/playlist when selecting a movie?00