No audio on startup of raspberry pi
Since XBMC 12 Beta 2 I get no audio when raspberry pi first loads XBMC. Once I do a reboot it's all back to normal but it's guaranteed that on first load I will have no audio. Anyone else getting this?
Possibly an issue with Pi querying HDMI before the TV is ready. Is the TV powered on and on right channel before the first boot of Pi?
The pi, TV, amp etc is connected to a smart power adapter, so when I choose to switch TV on the power comes on for pi, amp etc. It won't be on the right channel when the TV first comes on.
Two solutions. You can try adding

which makes pi wait 10 seconds before talking to HDMI. This may allow the TV to have booted enough to respond to communication from PI.

If that doesn't work you can dump the edid from Pi with:
sudo tvservice -d /boot/edid.dat

and add this to config.txt:

This basically avoids the Pi talking to TV on bootup, and just using a pre-canned version of the edid.
I will try the boot_delay option.

Thanks for the help.
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No audio on startup of raspberry pi00