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Win HOW-TO setup Boblight for Windows and Boblight XBMC
(2014-03-04, 04:01)Krazed Wrote: Update on where I'm at with mine. I'm finding boblight runs a lot better, but doesn't seem to be picking up the colors from scenes as well as prismatik was. For example, some dark scenes are displaying with a bright orange sort colored backlight, which is very distracting. I hope a lot of this can be fixed with the boblight xbmc add-on's custom configuration, but I haven't had much of a chance to play around with the settings in that yet. Anyone have any recommended settings for those?

Edit: Just been playing around with these setting now. Bringing down the saturation in the add-on configuration makes a big difference. I've set it as 1 in my custom configuration (default for fast and slow is 3) and the colours are much better now.
Current settings I'm working with are:
Speed - 50
Autospeed - 0
Interpolation - off
Saturation - 1
Value - 10
Threshold - 10
Nice to see you arrived at the same settings independently Big Grin. To be clear for others, the default configurations for boblight make no sense (at least for lightpack). They both have high saturation and value and no threshold at all, meaning it blows up the smallest bit of color, completely destroying any darkish scene. The speed at 100 also doesn't seem to work well for fast scenes or any panning when there's multiple colors, therefore these settings work the best. I have the same except I have saturation at 1.2. However, I've got my boblightd config at saturation 1, so I'm guessing the result is similar.

For reference, here is my settings.xml for boblight:
    <setting id="bobdisable" value="false" />
    <setting id="bobdisableonscreensaver" value="false" />
    <setting id="files_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="files_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="files_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="files_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="files_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="files_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="files_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="hostip" value="" />
    <setting id="hostport" value="19333" />
    <setting id="livetv_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="livetv_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="livetv_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="livetv_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="livetv_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="movie_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="movie_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="movie_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="movie_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="musicvideo_value" value="1.000000" />
    <setting id="networkaccess" value="false" />
    <setting id="other_misc_initialflash" value="true" />
    <setting id="other_misc_notifications" value="true" />
    <setting id="other_static_bg" value="false" />
    <setting id="other_static_blue" value="128" />
    <setting id="other_static_green" value="128" />
    <setting id="other_static_red" value="128" />
    <setting id="overwrite_cat" value="false" />
    <setting id="overwrite_cat_val" value="0" />
    <setting id="sep1" value="" />
    <setting id="sep2" value="" />
    <setting id="sep3" value="" />
    <setting id="tvshow_autospeed" value="0.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_interpolation" value="false" />
    <setting id="tvshow_preset" value="0" />
    <setting id="tvshow_saturation" value="1.200000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_speed" value="50.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_threshold" value="10.000000" />
    <setting id="tvshow_value" value="1.000000" />
I have a pretty basic question,
which one of these led strips do I need for boblight?


I used LEDs like these to built them into a frame behind my TV:


I have a (maybe stupid) question on the boblight configuration creator: I have 100 LEDs, with the first LED being the 9th from the right at the bottom, and then the LEDs go counterclockwise. In total, I have 16 LEDs on the left and right and 34 at the top and bottom. So do I have to put 12, 13, 9 or 25, 0, 9 into the configuration creator? I toggled the bottom right radio button to define the start.


Dont change the radio button for the start and set it to counterclockwise.

Had to use "-" space kinda messed up the format.

Thanks to bossanova for the application!

I thought I would try to contribute with some things that worked for me. I also came to the same saturation/value settings described earlier of 1.2/1.0.

I have 3 bravekits (lightpack clones) that each have 6 leds on each of the 10 strips this is all set around a frame for a 96" screen I have for my Panasonic projector. Because of the multiple lightpacks I was having occasional scenarios where 1 or 2 of the lightpacks would stop functioning and the only way to correct it would be to go out of xbmc and kill boblightd and restart it. This was cumbersome as I had to window out of full screen mode and then back in while a show was playing (very low WAF).

I have always been a user of autohotkey to automate simple scripts and I decided to use the same in this scenario.

I have a Thermaltake DH 202 (great pc case btw) that has the IMON controller setup which works great with xbmc. The imon allows hotkeys to be programmed as function keys on the remote.

This allowed me to use the following autohotkey script so that while a movie or show is running I can push a button on my remote and kill boblightd and then another button to restart it. Not interrupting the viewer experience or stopping the show.

Here is the script and I hope this helps:

^+c:Tonguerocess, Close, boblightd.exe

detectHiddenWindows, on

^+b::Run C:\boblightd\boblightd.exe -c C:\boblightd\boblight.conf, , hide

As a side note it is good to point out that I used ctrl shift for my two commands that is the ^+ I set close to ^+c and open boblightd to ^+b.

Let me know if this was useful or if there was some much easier way of doing this.
hi there.

i started another thread about this im hoping someone would be able to help me get 2 lightpacks going on windows with XBMC and boblight

please see this thread

(2013-03-26, 16:29)levimadman Wrote: Fellas - here is my batch for windows boblight which solves the com port opening problem :

MODE COM8:9600,N,8,1 >NUL

tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq boblightd.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "boblightd.exe">NUL
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto running

cd c:\users\barcode\desktop\boblightd\

echo running..


That doesn<t make any sense the batch you just wrote.

There is something not accurate.

Can you tell me where exactly do i need to add that^

Is it in the startup of windows 8.1 pro 32bits ?

I have com3 on arduino uno r3 and have same issue. start.bat try to open the serial port and he said cannot.
Hi all,
I'm having issues with my Adalight/Boblight setup.
I've followed the adafruit guide and have now followed the guide in this thread to setup boblight for windows.

When I run the start.bat file
The LEDs run through a colour sequence with the following terminal:
C:\boblightd>MODE COM18:115200,N,8,1  1>NUL

'clear' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\boblightd>tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq boblightd.exe"   2>NUL  | find /I /N "bo
blightd.exe" 1>NUL

C:\boblightd>if "1" == "0" goto running

C:\boblightd>C:\boblightd\boblightd.exe -c c:\boblightd\boblight.conf -f

'running:' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\boblightd>echo running..

After I open XBMC it shows connected to boblight but no LED's light up. I've enabled the static background light but still nothing. I'm unable to play a movie to check if the LEDs are working as XBMC is crashing while boblight is enabled.

I'm using 13.1 Gotham and my .conf file is below
port      19333

name            AmbiLight
type            momo
output          /dev/com18
channels        150
prefix          41 64 61 00 31 64
interval        20000
rate            115200
debug           on
delayafteropen  100000

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for this! Works well
I really want to get this setup but after reading all day various guides I'm conflicted where to start.

For the TV that I want to install the lights it is a wall mounted 60" that sits very close to the wall like 1-2" and I am using 12.3 XBMC on WIN 8.1 with a QNAP NAS that hosts all my media and library database. Can someone just give me some guidance on what to buy so I dont over buy crap I dont need.

To the OP if your watching you said you bought the 100LED but did you buy them from Adafruit ? on other guides they use the strips but is there any differece as for as quality ?

Running Boblight on Windows will the lights work for games as well ?





Ok well I havent received a reply yet but this is what I am looking at buying right now.

Audrino Uno
5M of WS2812B (not sure if the plastic waterproof is required)
5v Power Supply
3M Sticky Tape

Am I missing something here ?

should I load the Audrino with FastLED or NEOPixel ?

Are there limitations to how many LED's I can have using certain software ? I am considring Boblight and Prismatic



Im trying to set up lightpack with boblight but I cant seem to get the lights to turn on. XBMC notifies me thats its connected to boblight but nothing happens when I start watching a movie.

When I do c:\boblightd\boblightd.exe -c c:\boblightd\boblight.conf it tells me that port 19033 is already in use and that it could not retrieve port number for the device. Does anyone know what Im doing wrong?
I've just finished my Windows10+Kodi+2xLightpacks+Boblight setup, thought I'd share some experience here, might help someone in the future.

Following Bossanova's guide, I've compiled new Boblight binary using x64 Cygwin and optimized source from Speedy1985.

- Optimized binary is about 10 times smaller than original.
- For speed optimization reasons all custom names in the config file should be 3 characters long (e.g. B01, R10, L20, etc).
- This binary creates proper log and also uses conf file in the same folder, no need to use -c option.

Binary and source code with those minor changes can be downloaded here.

I've tested this with two Lightpacks (config file included), but I guess it should also work with other devices supported by Boblight. Due to a weird bug Lightpack channels for the first 5 strips are all messed up (not in correct order), so I've tested and rearranged them correctly, too lazy to find the real reason in the code.
Hi guys,

Firstly, thank you all so much for the tutorial.
However, need some help with the tweaking of the settings.

I've got my config all set up and the Kodi plugin is successfully connecting to Boblight, and the LEDs activate while watching a movie.

I can't seem to get rid of this annoying artifact where (especially in dark scenes) zones will appear to flicker random colors that don't even remotely match what's being shown on the video border.
In bright, fast moving scenes, this doesn't occur, so it can't be a hardware problem. I've also confirmed that the positioning of my LEDs match the config setup exactly.

I've tried running the config creator again and entering higher values for 'vertical width' and 'horizontal width' (I'm running a 100 LED setup on a 65" TV), and tried raising the 'threshold' value in the Kodi plugin settings, but to no avail ('speed' value also has no bearing).

Current config creator settings:
Vertical Depth: 20
Horizonal Depth: 20
Vertical Width: 13
Horizontal Width: 10
Border top/bottom: 0
Border left/right: 0

Current Kodi plugin settings:

Speed: 50
Autospeed: 0
Interpolation: off
Saturation: 1.20
Value: 0.20
Threshold: 20

I think part of my problem is that I have no idea what 'vertical width' and 'horizontal width' means. Does this refer to the x and y dimensions of each zone for the sides and top/bottom respectively? I'm also assuming that 'vertical depth' and 'horizontal depth' refers to how far away from the edge of the video that the sides and top/bottom sample from respectively. Is this correct? If so, this is extremely confusing, since this would be covered under x and y widths, right? I'm so confused.
What am I doing wrong??
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