Easy Way to Determine if Translations are Done?
I hadn't realized until just now, but apparently the github repo for the translations has translation files for a language even if the translation is not complete. Half or more of the translations for my two addons are incomplete.

Given that I still have more translations available than I would if I did it myself (which would mean zero translations), that's fine. I'm wondering though if anyone has any tips on how to figure out whether a translation for a given language is complete? For now I just went through manually and scanned them to make sure they had all the same ID numbers, and I'm thinking about writing something that would compare the number of lines in the English file and the number in the other files.
If you use Transifex you can see percentage
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That's perfect. I bookmarked my two addons. That'll make it much easier to deal with moving forward.
Current percentage limit set for projects are determined in the project file I am using for my sync utility. This is where you can find all the data I am using for each addon's sync process.

I defined a minimum of 10% to get a language downloaded at all. I think it is OK like that so translators can start seeing their work fast.

Thanks, Cheers
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