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libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
The first version you posted played back fine on my nexus 7 , however xbmc just crashed after watching a video.
The second version shows stutters on playback and crashes most of the time when starting playback.

First version tested on stock ROM and cm10.1 both the same crash after playback.
Second version only tested on cm10.1

Will upload logs later , first going to test version 2 on a stock rom.

Thanks for your work btw.


Log from version 1

Log from version 2
My tablet: CUBE U30GT, android 4.04
Tried to play 1080p MKV (a bug's life) : audio starts playing and then after a second' xbmc just quits.
Mkv was located on my nas (smb).
Debug log at http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=28834
(2013-01-18, 21:00)Koying Wrote: There is an updated build at http://mirrors.xbmc.org/test-builds/andr...bi-v7a.apk
This one should hopefully solve the "trembling" and "green bars" issue.
Note that this one is XBMC signed, so you'll have to uninstall the previous test before installing this one

Much better on the Nexus 10 and 4. Are styled subs and VC-1 a known issue? Styled subs show timecodes etc. and VC-1 is poor playback. VC-1 is also the same with MX Player so a rights thing? I'll post a log on the VC-1 if you need it?
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tested the new build with Galaxy S3:
tearing in upper right corner seems gone Smile
but still choppy playback
Hello Ned,

I installed that new .apk on my nexus 7 and tested it. I then just had to turn on my pc again (I am more comfortable typing there) to express my happiness: while the other builds did not really work on my nexus, this new one is a huge, huge step forward. My test (explained a few lines from here) was nearly an overall success. All that´s left is, hard to explain, some frame (I guess, it´s exactly one frame) that is kind of "blipping" in in a very periodical timely manner. Every few seconds it seems like "the 10th-last frame" is put inbetween the current ones. Depending on the movement of the scene it is sometimes hard to notice, but the more the scene is moving, the more obvious it gets. boy: this is hard to describe.
I tested with my personal "2012"-bluray-rip I made for my video library from my bluray version of the movie. It has 12gb (DTS) in size - I can´t tell the medium bitrate involved. But I can tell that this movie did not run with the previous versions; all I got from them was a very choppy playback leading to stuttering sound. totally not watchable. Now it´s like 99.987% working! And: Oh, does HD look great on that nexus thingie!

Testing with that new .apk from the 18th my very first impression was: "Oh my god, he got it!" - but than I got aware of this "one frame blipping any few seconds"-thing.
I think you are damn well on your way. I wish you the best of luck and lot´s of coffee to reach your goal: you are the man!

Best regards from germany,
@Koying that blipping was something i remember seeing on the odroid-x too. Do you reorder the decoded frames already?
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(2013-01-19, 01:50)FrickenBubba Wrote: Hello Ned

I'm just a messenger, not one of the developers ;)

XBMC devs such as Koying are the ones to thank.
@koying: I suggest reducing the number of FBO textures. 8 is too high for some hardware, setting them to 4 greatly helps stability on Exynos.
Latest Build is crashing when trying to run an mkv file on an ODRIOD-U2 ICS build.


SD MP4's work a bit better than before (not jerky, but dropping frames and having audio/video sync issues) I'll need to write a different debug log for that later.

Keep up the good work Wink

LtDan: That looks like the problem I mentioned in the post right above yours. Try http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10355648/android...-debug.apk
(2013-01-19, 02:29)Ned Scott Wrote:
(2013-01-19, 01:50)FrickenBubba Wrote: Hello Ned

I'm just a messenger, not one of the developers Wink

XBMC devs such as Koying are the ones to thank.

Oh, I misunderstood that - I am sorry.
Kudos to where kudos belong: thanks for the work, koying!
(2013-01-19, 02:55)arcee Wrote: LtDan: That looks like the problem I mentioned in the post right above yours. Try http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10355648/android...-debug.apk

This version does work for the mkv files which crashed immediately when using the latest published version and is pretty stable for 720p videos. But is still crashing xbmc when the video playback is completed and trying to move to the next video in a playlist.

SD MP4's still having video freeze and audio sync issues, prettty much the same as the other version. Debug of the mp4 playback is here:
Guys, some precisions:
  1. Don't mind the hiccups, unordered frame, ... By mistake, I forgot to disable intense logging on this one. There is now ~100lines of log output per second, which causes hiccups. Will be gone as soon as intense debugging is disabled, although I have to look why, in case of rendering freeze, it shows the wrong frame.
  2. In case of crash, I need an "adb logcat" log. The XBMC log obviously do not show any info about the crash.
  3. This thread is about video HW decoding. If you have other issues, please post them in the relevant forum or start a new thread.
Hi guys !
Hello XBMC team,
First, thank YOU for all (it's so wonderful to have xbmc on pc and working with my homecinema)
I've tried, with my MK808 and Finless 1.6 from geekbuying website, to run the last xbmc.apk (firmware like provided, not touched)

It's running and we can watch a film (not than the release just before). It's still lagging on traveling video but watchable as I said.

I've tried to put the add on for debug log
this one : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=add...20Uploader
Doesn't work, so, i've updated it.
And when I wanted to run the same video (mkv), it just kicked me off xbmc !

That's the only log report i've got :

I don't know if it will help ?

Thank you again.

I haven't tried the very last firmware from geekbuying (the official one from 10 january) with that xbmc.apk

Ok , heres the error pulled from logcat:
First version posted , playback crashed at the end of the video:

F/OMXCodec(11388): frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/OMXCodec.cpp:3039 CHECK(info->mStatus == OWNED_BY_US || info->mStatus == OWNED_BY_NATIVE_WINDOW) failed.
F/libc (11388): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 11400 (Binder_2)
E/OMXNodeInstance( 129): !!! Observer died. Quickly, do something, ... anything...
E/InputDispatcher( 453): channel '427f78b0 org.xbmc.xbmc/android.app.NativeActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!

And the second version which crashed at the start of playback:

E/SurfaceTexture(23730): [unnamed-23730-0] updateTexImage: error binding external texture image 0x3f64bc6c (slot 1): 0x502
E/AndroidRuntime(23730): FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-551
E/AndroidRuntime(23730): java.lang.RuntimeException: Error during updateTexImage (see logcat for details)
E/AndroidRuntime(23730): at android.graphics.SurfaceTexture.nativeUpdateTexImage(Native Method)
E/AndroidRuntime(23730): at android.graphics.SurfaceTexture.updateTexImage(SurfaceTexture.java:162)
E/AndroidRuntime(23730): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method)

Pulled with *:E , dont know if its enough.

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