libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
Hey I have a Imito mx 2: (

Specs (reported by XBMC):
GPU: Mali-400 MP
OpenGl vendor ARM
OpenGL version: OpenGL Es 20.0
Hardware: RK30Board

I used the test video files linked in the first post on the internal storage and I am using the current rom from geekbuying ( It is a BOB/Finless rom.

Findings regarding the video files:
Harry Potter -> 2 x Crash. But I am pretty sure it worked in the older version of your XBMC build.
Suzumiya, anime -> No problems, and played perfect
The planet clip -> First time I tried to play it XBMC crashed, 2nd time it played.. It looks like it has a little constant lag.
The planet, unstyled subs, clip -> Less lag then the other planet clip (or non lag at all). (side note: the subs did not changed at the end of the clip. I do not know if it is bug, though)
shrinkage mkv -> No problem, played perfect
shrinkage mp4 -> First time I tried to play it xbmc crashed, 2nd time the clip played without problems
monsters -> Played at 10 fps, with weird black and white lines at top of the screen. The clip playes perfect in mx player. If I recall correct the "old" version of your xbmc build just showed a black screen and the sound played in the background
Birds -> XBMC crashed when trying to play this clip. It seems like XBMC is trying to play the file, xbmc player changed to the player icon to play ">", and then crashed XBMC.
CV1 -> 10 fps, alot of lag (unwatchable). If I remember correct your older xbmc version crashed when playing this file
Matrix -> plays perfect

I could not find the log files (I do not use an external storage), so I used the "upload log files" add on. I hope it is the right log I am linking to (it is "old" log), because I had exited XBMC before using the "upload log files" addon.
It can be found her:

I do not know how to get the "adb logcat" log, so I can not give much information about the crashing of xbmc. The crash looked a little random, because if I played the same file a second time it would not crash... I have not tried other functionality in xbmc then the video play back functionality, so I do not know the overall stability on my android device.
At the moment I do not have that much time to test further (I just became a dad, 5 days ago), but if you need more information or I can do anything to help out say so. Keep up your awesome work Smile

the linked log file do not seem to be the whole log file (thought "old" file log was a truncation of all the older log files), because when looking at the time stamp it is only about 3 min. long. If I use internal storage do anyone know where and how to get the log files?

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