libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
TP7-1500DC-metal (RK3066 VPU)
Android 4.1.1
Kernel: 3.08 SMP

Bitstream        XBMC-Hardware 21.01.2013                  
Birds                f (crash)                          
hddvd                x (slow >10 fps heavy frame drops)
Monsters             x (1)                      
Suzumiya             x (2)                              
Matrix               x (3)                              
Harry                x (4)                              
planet               x (5)
shrinkage            x (5)                              
shrinkage 2          x (5)                              
planet 2             x (5)                              

1 = CPU XBMC 70% frame drops decoding errors on the top (no crash anymore :) )
2 = CPU XBMC 60% unstyled sub issue else Fluid Playback :)
3 = CPU XBMC 80% (Software Decoder Fallback) Fluid Playback
4 = CPU XBMC 50% english audio track timestamp issues (frame stucks) with Hindi track Fluid Playback
5 = CPU XBMC 60& Fluid Playback :)

Awesome Progress (Stability) Koying the scaling issues are gone also the Android GUI freeze :-)

Here the Monsters issue left appears on the top not every frame and seems to cause performance issues @ playback (interfering)


The Bird clip is sucking up alot of memory you can see the mem counter going down very fast i guess you see the first frame in the viewer area even but then suddenly the memory gets freed in 1 go and it crashes.

The VC-1 stream (hddvd) looks like it never reaches RockChips VC-1 Decoder (VC1Decoder) but ffmpeg tries to decode it (else that performance is hardly understandable)

So awesome 7 out of 10 streams work now 2 of those streams though are identical (only container differs) Smile
gonna throw my test database now @ it Smile
It seems also that the more complex the stream the more problematic the monsters with 10 mbps and high profile 4.1 getting this to run without issues would be a big step :-)
The Birds Complexity is heavy im not really that surprised that it crashes as the only one of those currently

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