libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-01-25, 16:27)eviltuna Wrote: Hardware: iMito MX2 (RK3066)
Firmware: Stock November Firmware (v411)

Using version from 2013-1-21

hddvd mkv 1080p vc1 ap l3 18mbps ac3 none Direct hddvd remux - 9-11 FPS, very choppy, some artifact on start, sound stuttering, CPU0- 30-60% CPU1-70-100%
Planet mkv 720p h264 high profile 5.1 6mbps ac3 Unstyled subs Typical recompressed 720p - Everything playing great, constant 24fps, didn't see any issues CPU- both at 30-55%
Monsters mkv 1080p h264 high profile 4.1 10mbps dts Unstyled subs Typical recompressed 1080p - 15-18FPS, a bit choppy, no artifact, CPU0-50-70% CPU1-70-100%, froze up on second run


EDIT: Also tried some 720P Youtube videos and they worked great, didn't try 1080p youtube yet. Keep up the good work guys

No artifacts that's interesting Monsters and some other 1080p streams definitely show for me this strange line on the top i posted the screenshot of on my RK 3066 and when this artifact appears the frame stucks and speed goes down.

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