libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
I see btw here is a full log of one of the 1080p streams (all) in this case the Youtube Zelda-Medley i have severe random issues with

though i guess much isn't visible as it crash rebooted almost instantly after clicking on it building up in the background this time not even gone as far as playing back 1 frame the same way like the birds stream crashes Sad

I think i have collected enough 1080p test samples now (that randomly fail, even though it looks like every 1080p stream fails with random issues) i will try to test them on different Firmware versions (and there kernels) maybe it changes something.

Also in a clean state maybe really some App in the background does severe things here that make everything unstable though this isn't windows isn't it Wink

But before that i will try the Software Renderer build and yes i disabled libstagefright in the settings also for testing and yes it plays fine with the ff-h264 decoder i mean what you can call fine, performance is off course far away from fine but it's stable that's what i mean Wink

The current most important resume so far of the XMBC Hardware Rendering state for me and my RK 3066 Device (Tablet):

H.264 720p:
runs pretty every 8 bit lossy stream up to complexity of 40 fps bitrate can be quiet high for 720p tested up to 12 Mbit with peaks (pretty much no normal content should go over that) (also tested some 720p MBAFF Broadcast streams some complexitys worked others where to complex because of the FPS and dropped frames like crazy, all the MBAFF streams showed Interlacing)

H.264 1080p:
Pure Horror Wink

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