libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
Koying what I've noticed - I re-ripped a dozen of my blu rays last weekend especially to run tests on my 2 RK 3066 TV sticks (UG 802/MK802-III) - ripped using MakeMKV to DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1, (no hi def audio) blu rays sizes ranged from 19gig to over 34gig.... I removed all crap (subs/titles, etc) so just retained movie & English sound track. Uploaded to my Qnap NAS.... both sticks struggle.

I then ran these rips through Handbrake, left at default.... (MKV/high profile) resulting in 5gig to 9gig files... these all stream fine from my NAS. Though no 5.1 just stereo. As yet no pass-thru on HDMI with the RK3066, just down mixed.

I've measured my network thru put, my wireless network is well capable of streaming 35gig ISO's that play @ 40mbps ... (dune/netgear neo media streamers) so I'm struggling to understand why the RK3066 is struggling with straight rips using MakeMKV but having transcoded them with handbrake they work fine?

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