libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
as i said mod2 is definitely not working, i guess because of the H.264 macroblock nature only mod8/mod16 is safe for the vpu Smile
so the solution to get rid of the squished output is to padd the pixels that are missing up to mod8/16 that should work Smile

Though im not sure if that really is the reason for most of the crashing though would be the first time i see that as a cause, but never say never Wink

I wonder how this is being fixed on the other Players though those mostly use the Default SoftwareRenderer (like Googles Default Player Hardware Overlay, or embeded in the Browser non Hardware overlay except in Fullscreen) of Android (either with Hardware overlay or without) not a special GPU Renderer and as i said if i switch in MX Player to the GPU Renderer (HW+) i get the same "stride effect as in XBMC with your GPU renderer, so they suffer the same issue but maybe don't know it yet"

Thus why i said it would be nice to have a new Swrender build to test, the first one is definitely not working.

Thus also why i said i find it a good idea for testing purpose to implement as many options as possible, despite davilla who finds that a bad idea because he fears there might be unpredictable leftovers in the end if i understood his concerns right Smile

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