libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
hi koying,

thank you for your nice work!

I looked your patches (lightly, I'm not expert in this area), and I'm interested in following things,

1. this uses libstagefright directly

I think normal media player apps for Android just use media framework. it will use HW decoder on the device which has HW decoder, and it will play HD movies nicely.

Rockchip may extend interface in libstagefright, and Rockchip may extend media framework to use extended libstagefright. then, apps which use media framework can play movies well, but apps which use generic libstagefright interface can't play movies well. (it's just my guess, I don't know it's correct... I hope it's wrong)

I don't say using libstagefright is wrong. it's nice.
well, it's off-topic but, about Linux on RK3066, there is no way to use hardware decoder on it. but it may be possible to use libstagefright(I have no idea). OpenGL ES is already working on Linux on RK3066. oh, then, there may be a chance to use hardware decoder with this... sorry, it's off-topic Wink

2. this uses OpenGL ES texture to render decoded frames

(I'm sure that GPU does nothing for video decoding/encoding)

I guess normal apps which use media framework and/or surface framework may use hardware overlay(or something like 2D accelerator) to render decoded frames.

and there are interesting thread about RK3066's 3D,
they say 3D animation is not smooth.

I'm sure there are some versions of Mali kernel modules and userland libraries for RK3066. it may affect rendering performance and behavior such as smoothness.
(I'm sorry if Mali version is already logged in debug log)

I'm not sure about frameworks in Android, is it difficult to use 2D overlay via common framework?

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