libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-03-04, 09:59)CruNcher Wrote: @chen
anything important that changed in the RK3 v 2.0 sdk for libstagefright ?

did you integrate the patch in the next release (it doesn't seem to made it into the 2.0 SDK yet)
The is not in 2.0 sdk, it is using our latest code. It has fixed some bugs.
We have try our best to maintain the binary backward compatibility, but some changes have been make on gui header file, so the library on 1.0 sdk and 2.0 sdk is not compatible.

(2013-03-04, 09:59)CruNcher Wrote: btw the newer libstagefrights are more stable they don't crash the Kernel so fast only the old ones in the 15xx range did

v 1650/1739 shows artifcating but doesn't crashed once yet Smile

you do great work despite the fact that it reaches most user in the RK Ecosystem to late or never @ all Sad

even the yoon yoon sample works now, (of course its a slideshow due to the render path, and 60 fps seems a little to heavy for the RK3066 VPU overall (i get on the fast path around 28-30 fps), probably RK3188 will have no issues with this test sample especialy on the fast direct framebuffer path) Smile

though the birds sample is still not loading right

v 1650/1739

v 1689 (chens fix, seems not yet to have reached clients)
Yes, we found there is some drawback on interlaced video working flow in libstagefright. It makes a 60fps field rate interlaced video has about 5 second delay in 1 min. I am trying to improve it.

I will discuss the eco system with my manager soon. Hope we can find a solution for that.

@ Koying
Is it possible to rename the patched, attached it in XBMC and use dlopen to use it?

BTW, what does it mean by RTFOP?

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