OS X PS1 Games on Advanced Launcher
Have you ever wanted to play PS1 games right from advanced launcher on a Mac?

PS12APP is here to solve your problems.

PS12APP is a wrapper.

1)What is this for?
-> People always wanted to be able to run a PS1 game without clicking and clicking and clicking, or to be able to run a PS1 game via Advanced Launcher in XBMC (on Mac OS X). But the developers of PCSXR have not added command line support. So with this wrapper, you are able to do this.

2)How the hell do this works?
-> Since there is no command line support, GUI scripting is necessary. All this was made using a workaround in AppleScript.

3)Can i make my own games to work with this?
-> Sure! Follow these steps
3.1) Download the PS12APP zip file

3.2) Grab an icon for your wrapper. If you don't have one, you can convert a png to icns here: http://iconverticons.com/online/

3.3) Grab an image file for your game. I will use a Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories iso in this tutorial.

3.4) Assuming that you have downloaded all of the above mentioned itens, youl will have the PS12APP.app file, the Disk Image file, and a icns file.

3.5) Right click the PS12APP.app file, and click "Show package contents"

3.6) Navigate to the "/Contents/PSX/ROMS/" folder and place your iso file there.

3.7) Rename your image file to "img.bin" even if it have a different file extension. PCSXR can handle almost all of the disk formats, so don't mind changing it to .bin, so the script will be able to find the img.

3.8) Go back to the "/Contents/PSX" folder, and right click the PCSX.app file. And click on "Show package contents"

3.9) Navigate to the "/Contents/Resources/" folder, and delete the "PCSX.icns" file

3.10) In the same folder, place a copy of the icns file you made and rename it to "PCSX.icns"

3.11) Get back to the "/Contents/Resources" folder in the "PS12APP.app" file, you can close the "PCSX.app" finder window.

3.12) Delete the "applet.icns" file

3.13) Place the icns file you made, and rename it to "applet.icns"

3.14) Back to the "/Contents/ folder, right click on the "info.plist" file, and open it with your favorite text editor (I'm using gedit)

3.15) Search for the "CFBundleName" key, and change it's string to the desired name to your wrapper.
For example: From PS12APP To Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

3.16) Save, close and rename the wrapper to a cool name. Place in the applications folder or wherever else you want to. It's done.

4)Can i haz it on XBMC?
-> Sure you can! Just add it to your Advanced Launcher.
4.1) Go to the context menu and click create new launcher

4.2) Select "Standalone (normal pc executable)"and locate the app you created.

4.3) After locating the .app you created, you need to locate the applet file. I'ts located on "/Contents/MacOS/applet". For example: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.app/Contents/MacOS/applet"

4.4) Click ok, and when XBMC asks you for an Application argument, delete the "%rom%" it shows by default, and leave it empty

4.5) Now just rename the launcher entry to the desired name, and find the thumbs and fan arts. All done Smile

Now your PS1 games run straight from XBMC. And this is how it looks:


Download it here:
for those who don't trust ge.tt, here is a dropbox link Smile

For those who still don't trust this wrapper, you can check the script file that's used in applescript on "PS12APP.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.scpt"

If you need any help, contact me at [email protected] or http://twitter.com/echo__off
Risky click.. 1 post and a odd url?
Not an odd url. Ge.tt is a common file sharing website. I'll post a dropbox link, then...
(2013-01-17, 02:13)oriongb Wrote: Risky click.. 1 post and a odd url?

problem solved Wink
dropbox link
Hmm, doesnt seem to work for me... do you by any chance know what emulator param I need to use when I want XBMC to open a rom with PCSXR? Cause PCSXR works, I just dont know the command for it.
PCSXR have no support for parameters / command line. For that reason, i made it with applescript. What happens with you? What do it shows up?
I have improved the tutorial so people won't get lost.

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