Feature Request - Widevine plugin?

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In the Netherlands we have got à cablecompany called UPC recently it provides tv on à website called http://www.horizon.tv. To play the streams you need Two things: Flash and Widevine video optimizer plugin.
Also you need à tv account from them to watch and also there internet, but the cablecompany is one of THE biggest cablecompany/ internetproviders in the Netherlands.

Now my question is could there be à plugin for the Widevine video optimizer plugin?
You can download it on the following website: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/widevine...installed=
When i open it with 7zip i can see some files, maybe one of those files could help to create à plugin for XBMC.

If you need any help or suggestions, just let me know.
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You can't just add a codec to XBMC like that. Also, there's no need to start a second thread about this.