Linux Help: Choppy 1080p Playback Revo L70
Hi All,

Has anyone installed XBMCbuntu on either an RL70 or L70 nettop (AMD E-450 with Radeon 6320) and managed to get smooth 1080p playback? If so how? I am completely new to linux so am very lost right now Sad. I just got this nettop today and because I've unpacked and installed it I won't be able to return it now either Sad.

I have tried both eden and Frodo RC3 to no avail. I apologise if this thread is annoying to regs I did try and search but it's very confusing to me. It all went so well on my revo 3700!!

R3700 is ion ie nvidia. Such a damn shame the new revos changed chipsets
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Thanks for the pointer to that thread FernetMenta! I am however stuck on step 4. How do I edit/create the files from there on? I have managed to get putty to work and can create a terminal from my laptop, but this is about as far as I've managed to get.
You might want to give OpenELEC a try. It basically has the same code for your AMD system - but is more user friendly to install (
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haha....I have literally just wiped out XBMCbuntu...and installed openelec+pulse eight! It seems to be working although only over optical though. But it's all good for me Smile. Still sounds awesome on my sound system Smile.

I appreciate the help guys....I guess I'm too much of a noob for the other way Sad.

All I literally want is an easy to use, good looking system which is pretty much just plug and play. That's what I got from my revo 3700 using ubuntu. Kinda annoying to have so much hassle this time. But I think it's sorted now Smile
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