Frodo rtmp playback bug
Hi all, I am the maintainer of the XBMC Rdio addon.

I have been testing my addon with Frodo RC3 and have found that this release breaks playback of the Rdio RTMP stream. The error is repeatable and well defined. It is not a problem in Eden. It has been reported by numerous users of my plugin on various platforms. I have created a sample addon that reliably demonstrates the problem.

I have raised the issue in the addon developers forum and in Trac, however haven't had any feedback so far. So I decided to raise the issue here as well in the hope that someone may be able to help. Apologies if this is not the right way to proceed, however I feel this issue is important because:
  • It affects core XBMC functionality (playback of audio streams)
  • The same code that worked in Eden does not work in Frodo, so this is a regression
  • Without a resolution my addon is effectively broken for all users installing Frodo (there is a workaround but it is not user friendly)

It may be something I can fix in the addon code, but I haven't been able to find a way so far. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
checking into this
calling that setInfo method creates a MusicInfoTag on the underlying FileItem. PAPlayer is assumed if the underlying item has a MusicInfoTag.

not sure the best way to handle this.
Hi davilla, thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it.

I have added some comments to the trac issue. Basically it seems this commit by huceke caused the problem. Reverting the "rtmp" part of the change to playercorefactory.xml fixes the problem, but I don't know why the change was made in the first place, so not sure of the implications of doing so.
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