Framerate/Smooth playback?
Dear Users,

I just started to setup my HTPC.
I use a PC with the latest RC3 which is hooked up by hdmi to my tv.

What are the best settings to use to make the playback of a movie/serie as smooth as possible?

Because now when i start a movie and you see the movie company intro, the playback is somewhat studdering....maybe there is a simple solution like Hz or something?

I live in The Netherlands.
PC is hooked up to a Panasonic 50VT30....

Depends, what your movies / series are encoded.
  • Movies from Bluray use 24p, which means effectively 23,976 Hz.
  • European TV productions are 50 Hz.
  • American TV productions use 60 Hz.

There's an option inside XBMC to allow XBMC to switch to the needed framerate. Of course, this has to be supported by your TV.

And if you use Linux, you have to provide the modelines inside your xorg.conf for every mode (24p, 25p, 30p, 50i, 50p, 60i, 60p). How to do in Windows, I don't have any idea.
musv thanks for the reply!

I only watch BluRay rips (720p & 1080p)...
Series i watch the 720 tv hd rip or the web-dl versions...

What are the best settings for my video card?

When i enable that option in xbmc it studders even more, so that isnt good.
Do you recommend a "cheap" videocard or can i use the Internal "Intel HD Family" videocardHuh

I just updated to the latest driver and it is already working better...but still not so smooth comparing to my Popcorn Hour (which i want to STOP using)...

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