All movies titled as one strange spanish movie?
Hi Guys,

I have this strange issue going on with movie titles.

Im streaming my movies to my laptop using a program called Playback. I added the UPNP source and all movies are showing on the laptop and it works great.
Now I wanted to continue and get the movie posters for these movies. After a lot of forum reading and youtubing I thought I figured it out.

I added the Universal scraper, removed my source and re-added it, selecting the content of the folder and set everything for imdb.

This is where its getting weird I guess. I added 4 movies to that source folder. Naming them exactly right (moviename (date).mkv)
But for some strange reason it started updating and it naming all these 4 movies La Sfida (some strange spanish movie from the 50's).

I have been looking for an answer but was not able to find it.

Can you help me?

what does your folder tree look like?
On my mac I have selected a folder with the program "Playback"

So if I go to my windows laptop and I add the source its as followed:

Add source > Select UPNP Device/Folder > Movies.

And in the folder movies there are for example folders called "I Am Legend (2012)" with the MKV with the same name in it.

I tried to copy the movies on the laptop it self. Then it works. Can it be that sharing using UPNP is the problem?
In one of the beta frodo builds I'm pretty sure the option to set content on a upnp source was removed.
Just installed Frodo, and yes the set content was removed.

I think im going to try another type of sharing then.

Thanks for the info.
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All movies titled as one strange spanish movie?00
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