Direct Selection of Bookmarks using Number Keys
Many posts have successfully addressed creating a bookmark with a single button push. Going beyond that, I would like to use remote control number keys to go directly to the corresponding bookmark. This is easy with python scripts, one for each number key in the FullscreenVideo section of keymap.xml. The script goes to the VideoBookmarks window and uses a combination of up, down, and right actions to arrive at, and select, the desired bookmark. The whole process is instantaneous.

The problem is navigating past the last bookmark in Eden Confluence. I can end up selecting “Create” or “Clear” bookmark(s) unintentionally. There are several workarounds possible but I need help to make any one of these work.

Option 1 – Eliminate the “Create” and “Clear” buttons from the VideoBookmarks window (lines 151-162 of window id=”125”). But I need a “Create Bookmark” button on some other window such as VideoOSD. How? I can create the button but not the function.

Option 2 – Duplicate the VideoBookmarks window (id=”125”). Let’s say I change the first line of the xml file to window id=”625” and name the file custom625.xml. I can call the window with action Activatewindow(625). It looks like the original VideoBookmarks window but has no functionality (except exit). No bookmark thumbnails are shown and the “Create Bookmark” button does nothing. Is there a way to make this duplicate window function the same as the original?

Option 3 – Navigate within the bookmarks but never to the “Create” or “Clear” buttons. “PageDown” works, and “Right” works (after eliminating the “Clear” button). By that I mean that “PageDown” and “Right” will never navigate to the “Create” button. The “Left” action is different and will navigate to the “Create” button. I can think of no combination that will avoid going to the “Create” button when trying to select non-existent bookmarks. Suggestions?

I know there has been a feature request for “Next” and “Previous” bookmark actions. Getting one of these options above to work will more than suffice until then.
Problem solved using option 3 in the previous post.

In the VideoOSDBookmarks.xml file change line 76

from: <ondown>2</ondown>
to: <ondown>lastpage</ondown>

With N bookmarks, any attempt to access a bookmark >N will go to the last bookmark (or resume point).
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